What Nature Intented

 Nature intended for fat to be used as fuel. Fats are the essential component of a nutrient dense diet. With Fat by Nature you can accomplish more, remain satiated between meals, and benefit from a variety of nourishing ingredients.

In America, fat has gotten a bad rap

It started in the 70's when congress launched the first official set of dietary guidelines. The american public boiled it down to two rules: Eat more carbs and eat less fats. Without any scientific evidence, marketer's began offering low-fat foods.

Remove the fat from food and you're left with tasteless junk.


So, what did the misinformed companies do to make sure their products weren't tasteless? Double the sugar.


Making products with double the sugar and half the fat is a recipe for disaster to our bodies. Fast forward a couple decades and we're left with the aftermath of a misguided theory.


35% of adults in America struggle with obesity; the weight loss programs don't work, the countless hours in the gym don't work.


It's time to change the way we think about fat.

We created Fat by Nature so you can experience the benefits of fat directly through a great tasting snack.

A Better Approach

Have you ever been on a road trip and the only option for food is a gas station? Sure, you may be able to snag a piece of fruit, but the healthy choices are slim and the low-carb choices are slimmer. While following a low-carb diet is hard in itself, one of the hardest parts is finding low-carb snacks with great ingredients. 


Ingredients come before any other aspect of nutrition. One of the major problems with the American diet is over consumption of cheap, processed ingredients.


The ingredients we use at Fat by Nature are sourced from mainly organic certified producers (over 90%.) Our bites are free of gluten, dairy, soy, industrial seed oils, and have hardly any added sugar (from maple syrup.) We use a small amount of erythritol as an additional sweetener. The other core ingredients are as follows:


Stone ground Organic Almond Butter: A delightfully creamy spread that maintains its wealth of nutritional value from the minimal process of stone grinding. 


Organic Raw Coconut Butter: Similar to coconut oil in nutritional qualities, coconut butter contains valuable fiber that the oil lacks.


MCT Oil: The ultimate powerhouse fat, MCT oil is loaded with a plethora of beneficial qualities. The easily digestible nature of this fat makes it a direct source for fuel, unlike long chain fats. 


Organic Brazil Nuts: Often undervalued in the lineup of nuts, this Brazilian variety plays a crucial role in a nutrient dense diet. The list of benefits is long, but these nuts should be praised most for their selenium content, which isn't found in a whole lot of foods.


Himalayan Pink Salt: This salt is better than table salt because it contains minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and iron that are depleted during the processing of regular salt. We like it because it helps absorb the nutrients healthy fats provide.


Organic Madagascar Vanilla Extract: Vanilla is the perfect flavor enhancer that gives our bites the finishing touch. It's not overbearing and just enough to go unnoticed.


Organic Coconut Flour: The glue that holds our bites together. Without coconut flour, they have a more slushy-like consistency. Slightly higher in carbs than most other nut flours, though its high fiber content makes up for it.